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Trademark Registration in Shimla

Shimla, capital city of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, located in northern India is surrounded by beautiful mountainous landscapes and it is hub for India's tourism sector and counted in the top 10 preferred entrepreneurial locations in India. It has well-recognized colleges and research institutions, temples and palaces and home to the legendary mountain biking race MTB Himalaya, a biggest event in South East Asia.

For the people dependent on self-styled cottage and small scale industry can visit trademark services located at various places for trademark registration in Shimla as it is good place for self-employed. Employment is largely driven by the government, tourism, horticultural and other various sector including technology and IT sector. As trademark plays a key role in marketing of a product and goods and it helps in determining the identification of goods and differentiate it amongst of other similar products already available in sale in market. Trademark could be any design, symbol, sign, logo or any combination thereof, which should not be conflict with other mark already in use by other company. The mark identifies that the goods are produced by a definite company and it attracts consumer to buy or purchase the product. The trademark in shimla took note of that different logos are allotted to different group only, so that consumers can easily distinguish that goods are services are manufactured by a different company.

Various trademark services in Himachal Pradesh are available to help the businessmen in trademark registration. The proficient legal consultant working with our trademark services Shimla took note of the proposed logo of new applicant company so that it did not conflict with other existing symbol. To make the process easy and convenient, we help our client in filing the application form of trademark registration and also help in dealing search and monitoring of mark, to avoid conflict of symbol.

Our expert and efficient services for trademark application filing are available for all 45 classes of the Nice (France) classification. To receive swift and cheaply-charged services for brand and logo registration by our trademark consultants, people and companies of Himachal Pradesh, may readily contact our booming IPR law firm of Delhi. The free trademark name and logo search is offered generously by our firm, to determine prompt and proper registrability of the newly created trademarks or logos of them. Lastly, as there is no government trademark office in Shimla himachal pradesh, registration of their trademarks and logos are administered by the zonal trademark registry office situated in New Delhi.

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