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Trademark Litigation India

The trademark litigations are filed and fought for the purpose of preventing all types of commercial misuses of any registered trademark, and protecting and promoting the legitimate rights of the trademark owner. Today, the most general and well-known types of trademark litigations are the trademark infringement litigations. Our refined and incisive trademark litigators have been offering trademark litigation services for this particular type of trademark litigation in most of the countries worldwide, for a long period. Our internationally praised law firm based in India provides the complete expanse of legal services for trademarks and services marks owned and used by entities in almost all related economic fields, besides these trademark litigations in India and abroad. Our elegant and vigorous trademark litigation services are explained in detail in the lower section apart, which deals with ours such services for trademark litigation india. Trademarks and service marks registered under any national trademark law or any international trademark convention, like the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, or the European Community Trademark, are protected and promoted by ours trademark litigation services worldwide.

Trademark Litigation Services

On behalf of our clients we file trademark infringement lawsuit at the appropriate court of law, to offer justice to our clients in connection with their genuine trademark rights. For availing our services for 'india trademark litigation' the trademarks or service marks must be registered under the new Trade Marks Act of 1999, or the former recognized federal trademark law of India. The most common outcomes of such trademark infringement litigations are injunction on the continuance of further infringement activities, and recovery of due monetary compensation for all the commercial and reputational damages caused by the infringer till filing the infringement lawsuit. The complete range of necessary tasks is performed by our attorneys and litigators during the litigation process, including intelligent gathering of pertinent information in support of the occurrence of infringement practices, warning the alleged infringer against doing so, seeking solution through ADR, or otherwise, filing the trademark infringement lawsuit, representing our client in the court of law and presenting evidences in favor of infringement, attending court hearings and trials, advocating brilliantly for proper protection to the rights of our client, and then, processing for prompt recovery of compensation from the infringer.

Trademark Registration India