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Trademark Registration in Kerala

Kerala is an immensely famous and fast progressive State of India, located very scenically on the Malabar Coast in the south west part of the country. Rich in soothing greenery, refreshing placid backwaters, and far-flung exotic sandy beaches, Kerala is indeed a very beautiful place to live in and do a business. Hence, Kerala does get listed in our priority list of Indian States and cities highly suitable for receiving ours securing and propelling legal services, in all legal streams. Along with remarkable progress in the tourism, healthcare, and agricultural sectors, Kerala is now making fast strides in several other promising economic fields, for its versatile economic progress and opulence. Comprehensive and highly fertile information about ours services for trademark registration in kerala is given in this article.

By ours utmost careful and excellent services for trademark registration in kerala covered are all its well-developed, fast progressing, and emerging economic fields. Broadly, these relate to agro-based industries (spices, rubber, coconut, cashew nuts, tapioca, tea, lemon grass oil, herbs, etc.), tourism and hospitality, yoga and ayurvedic treatment centers, information technology, light manufacturing, healthcare, and several other areas. Growing and prospering Kerala is witnessing establishment of a large number of small and big companies and firms in every part of it, in these and other economic fields every year. Trademarks and service marks related with these fields are expertly handled and made fully recognized and secured by ours decent trademark services in kerala. So far, numerous entrepreneurs, companies, industries, firms, professionals, and industrialists have availed ours these generous and perfect legal services for trademarks in Kerala. Our lawyers are experienced and innovative enough to handle every new trademark in kerala adeptly and impeccably, through supporting in the national and international registrations.

Companies, industries, and firms established in places all across Kerala are required to register their trademarks and service marks with support of the regional trademark office located in Chennai, in accordance with the new Trade Marks of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, for the purpose of their nationwide businesses. And, for conducting their businesses in the overseas markets, they need to get their trademarks and service marks perfectly registered under TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, or the European Community Trademark, depending upon their specific business plans and preferences. All diverse tasks involved in the registration process under Indian or International authorities, are adeptly and responsibly performed by ours mature trademark attorneys.

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