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Trademark a Name

To trademark a name is essential for getting proper governmental recognition to any newly created trademark, and acquiring full authorities regarding the commercial uses of the concerned trademark. Therefore, we essentially offer exquisite legal services to trademark a name, besides all other benefiting services in all legal areas for people and entities involved in various economic sectors. To make a name or sign a trademark, the legal process available is the trademark registration. Our booming law firm has been offering decent and responsible trademark registration services at national and international levels in jurisdictions worldwide. All progressive and emerging business fields in the sectors of business and commerce, professions, industries, and services, are sweepingly covered by ours trademark registration services. Today, ours these expert and swift services are well-equipped with online facilities, in order to trademark a name online promptly and fast. For accomplishing international registrations of trademarks proposed by entities in all related fields, concerned are treaties like the Berne Convention, TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark.

Trademark a Name in India

Fully active and successful in India, ours highly progressive law firm has been rendering the whole gamut of services to trademark a name in india, in all across the entire country. And, at present, we are gaining fast popularity for rapid and responsible trademark registrations online. Any type of company or firm involved in any economic field, anywhere in the whole country, can easily and economically avail ours these services for online trademark registrations at national as well as international level. The national level trademark registrations are made according to the rules and regulations given in the new Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. For such purposes, there are established several zonal trademark offices in all across the whole country in Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. Selection of any regional trademark office is made on the basis of the location of the company which is interested in such a trademark registration. And, on the other hand, all international trademark registrations of Indian entities are obtained under any one or more of the above specified globally recognized international conventions. For making a trademark registered, we provide all necessary services along the whole process including trademark creation and finishes, originality and uniqueness checking, filing online application, and offering elegant and responsible trademark prosecution for best and brisk registration.

Trademark Registration India