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Trademark Registration in Maharashtra

Situated in the western regions of India, Maharashtra is one of the major and most prosperous States of the country, in respect of land area, population, and State GDP. For several years in the past, this amazingly fast progressing State has been steadily contributing about 15% of the total industrial output of the country, 40% of the national revenue, and over 13% of India's GDP (more that any other State of India). Hence, Maharashtra is certainly the most preferred State of India for harvesting great benefits of ours legal services in all legal streams, inevitably including the IP rights. For a long period, myriads of entities located in Maharashtra have been utilizing ours these services for desired progress and optimal profitability in their respective economic fields. Here, we are providing highly precious and elusive information about our exquisite services for trademark registration in maharashtra.

Although Maharashtra has made progress in almost economic fields, the most developed and booming fields are connected with agriculture and allied activities and industries, manufacturing, engineering and technology, services, professions, information technology, real estate and construction, chemicals, electrical machinery, pharmaceuticals, iron and steel castings, petroleum and petroleum products, textiles, machine tools and equipments, plastic wares, computer software and hardware, and various other goods and products. Our trademark services in maharashtra are for serving trademarks and service marks in all related fields of these. Our trademark attorneys are experienced and expert enough to handle every trademark in maharashtra impeccably, that relates to any of these progressive fields of the State.

The trademarks invented by entities established in maharashtra are registered by regulated by the provincial trademark office in Mumbai, as per the provisions and regulations given in the new Trade Marks Act of 1999 of India. And, international trademark registrations of these entities are executed according to the rules and regulations nurtured and promoted by TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. All desired and necessary support is generously offered to our clients during the whole registration process in India and pertinent foreign countries. In addition to trademark registrations, the complete coverage of legal services is provided for trademarks in diverse economic fields by our worldwide prominent and highly appreciated law firm based in India.

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