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Trademark Registration in Punjab

Because of being one of the highly progressive and opulent States of India, Punjab does deserve ours exquisite and dedicated legal services. For a long time Punjab has been receiving our services in almost all legal areas, inseparably including the intellectual property rights. Our immensely appreciated trademark services in punjab have been an inherent part of ours these legal services for intellectual property laws. In this article, we are providing highly productive and refined information only about our services for trademark registration in punjab. For creative information to our visitors and clients belonging to India and abroad, here it is pertinent to mention that our well-established and full-fledged law firm situated in India provides decent and responsible legal services in all areas related with businesses in all economic sectors.

Fast-paced Punjab offers extensive and glamorous scope for proper utilization of ours legal services, including trademark registration services, because of its substantial developments in both agricultural and industrial sectors. We are experienced enough to serve every trademark in punjab, belonging to its any economic field. Today, the most progressive economic fields in Punjab relate to - agro-based goods and products, fertilizers, machine tools and equipments, agricultural equipments, electrical goods, scientific instruments, garments and textiles, sports goods and equipments, sewing machines, bicycles, information technology, tourism and hospitality, financial services, academics, and other fields. Trademarks and service marks related with companies and industries in these fields are made recognized and protected by us through national and international registrations of those expertly and economically.

The regional trademark office located in New Delhi is contacted for performing national-level registration of all trademarks and service marks created by companies and firms which are located in all across Punjab, under the new Trade Marks Act of 1999, which is a federal trademark law of India. All various fields encompassed by the broad sectors of businesses, professions, industries, and services, are sweepingly and proficiently tackled by ours trademark services in punjab. And, for doing business at international or worldwide levels, these intellectual property of entities established in Punjab are registered under any one or more treaties like TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid protocol, or the European Community Trademark, depending upon the business requirements. Our veteran trademark attorneys possess extensive knowledge and vast work-experience in performing these both categories of trademark registrations, and provide all-round and expert support during the whole registration process in India and abroad.

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