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Trademark Registration in Mumbai

Vast, glamorous, and booming Mumbai truly deserves our whole expanse of exquisite legal services for its further luxuriant and lavish economic growth and opulence. Prominent globally as the commercial and financial capital of India, this Alpha World city produces about 25% of the total industrial output of the country, carries out over 40% of India's foreign trades, and about 70% of country's total marine trades, besides giving cherished home to the maximum magnitude of Indians. This richest city of India and Asia in terms of GDP, has been harvesting the great benefits of our legal services for over a decade in almost all legal streams and areas. But, in ours this precious article, we are extending detailed information only about ours trademark services in mumbai.

Mumbai has an enormous number of companies, industries, firms, and multinational business corporations well-established in its broad economic sectors of manufacturing, business and commerce, professions, services, and industries. Its location on the west coast of India with a deep natural harbor, its massive population and extensive consumer market, presence of two national level stock exchanges with worldwide financial flows, and all modern facilities of transportation and information technology, etc., have been supporting fast growth and glamorous progress of all small and big entities of Mumbai. Moreover, Mumbai is growing still with inception of a large number of entities in diverse economic fields, and is presently, one of the most preferred and cherished destinations in the whole world for commercial and professional establishments. Our world-class and swift legal services for trademark registration in mumbai cover these all booming economic fields of this globally famous city of India.

The zonal trademark office located in this city itself, handles all domestic registrations of the trademarks and service marks proposed by entities established in Mumbai in its various economic fields, in close and strict compliance with the new Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002 of India. Each and every new and unique trademark in mumbai, pertaining to any of its economic fields, is served well-rounded by our trademark services. And, to support and facilitate the overseas businesses of these companies and firms, we perform their international trademark registrations under the targeted conventions among the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. All major and minor support and services are rendered adeptly and responsibly by our lawyers during the entire registration process for both these categories in India and abroad.

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