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Trademark Protection

The trademark protection is concerned with maintaining unique and wide-ranging prominence of one's registered trademark, utilizing full trademark rights in desired commercial activities, and preventing all types of misuses of one's trademark or infringement upon by others, in the concerned jurisdiction. It may easily be felt that, these tasks are necessary and recommended for a fully secured, profitable, and reputed business in any desired economic field, anywhere in the whole world. Therefore, robust trademark protection services are inevitable and highly important legal services of ours full-fledged law firm. Our law firm is one of the rapidly progressing and popular law firms of India with extensive worldwide prominence and reputation. We extend expert and reasonably-priced services in all broad and influential areas of the law in India and other countries of the world, both at national and international levels. The trademark protection services are part of ours full-scale legal services for trademarks and services marks connected with various economic fields. More information about these trademark protection services is separately provided in the lower section, which deals exclusively with trademark protection in india. Ours adequately experienced and innovative law firm has been serving successfully and gratifyingly in the areas of company and corporate laws, business and commercial law, intellectual property rights, labor and employment law, maritime and admiralty law, international business, foreign direct investment, capital market, and so on.

Trademark Protection in India

For thorough and all-round trademark protection, we offer diligent and dedicated services of trademark watch and monitoring, trademark opposition, punctual trademark renewals, and trademark infringement litigation. We have been undertaking these services on behalf of companies and firms in almost all economic fields, established in India or abroad. For availing our trademark protection services, trademarks and service marks must be properly registered under any national trademark law, such as the new Trade Marks Act of 1999 of India, or under any international trademark convention, such as TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. By assigning these services to our accredited and responsible law firm, entities can rest assured that their trademarks are protected fully in all parts of India, and the targeted parts of the world. Because of ever-increasing business competition at regional, national, and global levels, the importance and usefulness of ours trademark protection services have enhanced manifold. Today, a considerably large part of obtainable profits are commonly deducted through trademark misuses and trademark infringement cases by other people and companies, doing business in the same fields of our clients. These profits can be obtained elegantly and lawfully by companies, through utilizing our responsible and economical trademark protection services at national or international levels.

Trademark Registration India