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Trademark Registration in Raipur

Raipur, the capital city of newly established state, Chhattisgarh, and is the major commercial center. The city economy is dependent on the agricultural-processing, Steel, Cement, Alloy, Poha and Rice and it is a hub for trade and commerce for the coal, power, Plywood, steel and aluminumindustries as the city is second market of Steel in India and biggest iron market. It has a big chemical plant which produces formalin, a Wagon repair shop, where wagons of goods trains are repaired.

The trademark registration in Raipur is under the supervision of west division mark office, established by government of India. The mark is representation of identity of goods produced by a specific group and allows the firm to sale its products in the market. The mark distinguishes the goods of a company from other product of company and makes a presence of unique identity of the company amongst other. In a form of symbol, sign, logo, design, graphics or any other combination of words or letter could be used as mark of a company.

The trademark services in Chhattisgarh help in registering of mark for a company. we have open various branches for trademark services in Raipur to solve the issues of registration in the city. Our consultant follows the instruction laid down by the government of India for the trademark registration. As the process of registration of trademark in Raipur is a long waiting process, so our legal attorneys took responsibility of providing good services to our clients.

To avoid agony that has taken place due to similarity of mark with mark with other used symbol or sign applied by other fresh applicant, we conduct search, monitoring and watch over the proposed symbol. We also help our client in other various purposes including right over the mark and others.

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