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Trademark Registration in Ranchi

Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand is home of various waterfalls and beautiful landscapes. The pleasant weather of the city with rapid economic growth has pulled the eye of national and multinational company. Various malls, complex are available in city and it is now blooming as an ideal place of global market. The city has abundant source of minerals, forest products and other natural resources. It is also known for various arts and crafts and various small and cottage industries are available in the city that manufactured quality goods.

The city has a good amount of skilled professionals, which are self-employed and manufactured various quality goods. For trademark registration in ranchi to sale the goods in the market, one has to visit Kolkata office. The trademark plays a key role in marketing of the product as no product can be easily be put on sale in the shop without having a unique symbol. The trade sign is the brand of company that make it product of a certain group diverse from other goods of different company. Mark could be in any form, logo, name, sign, letter, words or combination of graphics that must be similar to any symbol. If the mark is used by any company then registration office did not allow the similar symbol to any other group.

Our trademark services in Jharkhand help people in making trademark registration process easy and convenient. Various enquiries are conducted like search and watch for observing that mark did not conflict with existing or proposed sign applied by new applicant. One can find trademark services in ranchi and get the work of registration of trademark in ranchi. Our consultant helps in providing information related to legal right over the mark and also help in legal battle, if the mark of our client is illegally used by any other business group.

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