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Firm Registration India

Excellent and fully responsible services for firm registrations are most basic and vital legal services of ours internationally reputed law firm based in India. All types of firms and companies for the purpose of doing business in the desired field of the commercial, professional, services, and other sectors are expertly registered and run through ours legal services in India and abroad. These include export oriented units, NGOs, STPI units, private limited companies, public limited companies, limited liability partnerships, unlimited companies, joint venture companies, mergers and acquisitions, and entities on behalf of foreign companies and investors for doing business in any part of India. Our decent and reasonably-charged firm registration services are now strikingly famous and popular in countries located all across the world, along with ours services in all other legal areas concerned with people and entities entangled in various economic sectors. Besides firm registrations, all other services for perfect and efficient administration and management, governmental regulations, market expansion and growth, strategies for business growth, international business, technology transfer, etc., are also provided to people and companies by ours mature and well-informed attorneys.

Firm Registration Services

For firm registration india, the most significant law applicable is the Companies Act of 1956, which offers provisions for establishment of most of the companies and firms mentioned in above paragraphs. Proper registration and regulation of these companies are guided by the Registrar of Companies in every big State of India, who has been appointed under section 609 of this paramount company law of India. Our broadly experienced and proficient company law attorneys support people and companies during the entire firm registration process in every part of India. Tasks during this process are selection of the most suitable type of firm based on objectives and priorities of the entrepreneurs or investors, approval and reservation of the proposed names of the company, completing and filing a variety of forms and applications regarding firm registration, drafting most elegant and impeccable MOA and AOA, getting approval of concerned regulatory bodies to facilitate firm registration, representing our client in the office of the relevant ROC, and then, acquiring certificate of firm registration, and that of the commencement of its business. Apart from brisk legal services for india firm registration, we additionally offer reputed and responsible services in intellectual property laws, commercial and corporate laws, labor and employment law, maritime and admiralty law, international business, corporate taxation and insurance, and other legal streams concerned with companies in all economic sectors.

Trademark Registration India